German Championship
Standard Constructed
Date: 2020-03-21 11:00 - 22:00

Venue: DRK-Zentrum Darmstadt-Eberstadt

Dear fellow methuselahs,

You are all invited to join the Eternal Struggle in the first German Grand-Prix in Darmstadt (south of Frankfurt).

DRK-Zentrum (Centre of the German Red Cross) Darmstadt-Eberstadt
Eysenbachstraße 1A, 64297 Darmstadt

Registration opens 11:00, closes 11:45, and first round starts 12:00.
Final starts probably between 19:30 and 20:00.

Standard Constructed, 3 rounds plus finals (2 hours each), no proxies allowed.
Head Judge: Ralf Weppner.
Entry fee: 15 EUR pre-registered, 18 EUR on location.

A warm lunch is included in the entry fee (guaranteed with pre-registration).
Non-alcoholic drinks are available at cost price.

Tournament prizes: to be announced.


Reaching the venue is really easy. It is a 7-8 minute trainride from Darmstadt mainstation to DA-Eberstadt station and about the same time to walk from there. These regional trains leave every 30 minutes.

If someone plans to come by plane, there is a bus from Frankfurt airport (FRA) to Darmstadt mainstation also every 30 minutes.

Depending on where you are staying, city busses or tram might provide even better connections.


The DJH Youth Hostel in Darmstadt might be one of the first places to check when looking for accomodation:


Seats available
Number of seats
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Eysenbachstraße 1A, 64297 Darmstadt




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  • 2020-03-21 11:00 - 22:00

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Amount of registered player: 18
# First-Name Last-Name VEKN Domain Nation
1KaiKimmerle1005609   WiesbadenGermany
2GerhardRange3820003   BochumGermany
3MichaelJakoby-Bicanic8580003   BochumGermany
4MichaelHalten3840064   BochumGermany
5ErolHammer8450001   Karlsruhe Germany
6PeterDucai3090028   CZ&SKCzech Republic
8MarcelNitsch9690154   BonnGermany
9SteffenWaschul8580064   HerneGermany
11MarkoOja3530053   EspooFinland
12LassePöyry1001600   MikkeliFinland
13TeroAalto8460002   TuusulaFinland
14JyriPuhakka3530097   HelsinkiFinland
15AlfBehrends1000460   BraunschweigGermany
16KevinHeise8450016   KarlsruheGermany
17JohannesHeim3060004   BerlinGermany
18MariusIscru3200246   StrasbourgFrance

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