Date: 2020-12-06 00:09

Venue: Heldenwelt Magdeburg


due to the new releasedate and pandemoc circumstances I need to announce that this event is postponed until further notice . The 6th December 2020 might be a new date if the pandemic circumstances allow it.

To be announced

Heldenwelt Magdeburg
Sternstraße 28
39104 Magdeburg

Round system:
As needed. If enough Players come together we can do a mini tournament : 1 Round + Finals.
Format: Demogames and Open Play. If at least 5 Players come together at 12 o’clock we can host a mini tournament.

Entrance fee: FREE! (In case a tournament is hosted there will be a fee of 1 to 3€)

Please note: Snacks and Soft Drinks can be bought on site. A backery, Döner and Pizza can be bought near the venue.

Everyone who buys BCP Product on this day at the Heldenwelt gets a bunch of free cards gifted by me.

This is the loot for the releaseevent:

The first Person on site who buys the new v5 Set at the Heldenwelt receives a pack with 149 library cards an 60 crypt cards fitting to the clans.

The second person receives a pack with 90 cards that can be use with the clans in the v5 set.

All others and people who buy other VTES related Produkcts at the Heldenwelt can choose 3 Minipacks (10 cards each) from a variety of combinations.

All while supplies last.

Because of Covid we have limited space so it could happen that you might need to wait outside until someone else leaves the store.

Pre-registration is possible via e-mail to me or a post in the German VEKN web forum in this thread:

Here ist he link to the Calender entry:

VTES-Hook Link:

Daniel Voigt
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Sternstraße 28 Magdeburg




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